Wypożyczalnia samochodów osobowych dostawczych busów przyczep lawet bagażników i boxów dachowych rent a car

ul. Głowackiego 4, 39-300 Mielec
tel. 17 583 03 50 , kom: +48 534 106 106 , +48 534 107 107

General Conditions of car rental

  • Owner

The Owner has the legal right to use and decide about the car specified overleaf and hereby agress to rent the car to the Rent.

  • Renter, Guarantor

The Renter guarantees that he has obtained all licences necessary to drive a car and acces full responsibility for the rented car until the moment of inspection performed by the Owner upon the car is returned. The Guarantor shall be responsible for the car to the same extent as the Renter.

  • The Car

The Renter received a car in good repair and in condition which enable its appropriate use. The Renter is obligated to use it with sufficient care, and give back the car in the same condition as he got it. The costs of purchasing windscreen washer fluid, replacing the light bulb or repair the tyres are fully covered by the Renter. If the Renter received a car clean inside and outside, he is obligate to give it back in the same condition othrwise he has to pay 40 PLN. Renter shall be obligated to leave rented car in guarded parking areas and use all anti-theft devices that are available in the car. The Renter spaces daily limit kilometers (300km/day)

  • Another Driver

The Renter accepts full responsibility for the rented car also when it is driven by other person. It can take place only with Owner permission and if other driver will hand-over his driving license.

  • Prolonging of the rental

This Agreement shall become binding upon its execution and shall terminate upon the day specified in the fild „Term of Return”. The Renter should notify the Owner about the intention to prolong the rental at least 12 hours before the agreed time of return and obtain the Owner’s consent to such prolongation. Otherwise, the car shall be reported to the Police as a stolen car and Renter shall be obliged to pay for every started day according to the fee specifed overleaf plus a contractual penalty amounting to 50% of this daily fee. The minimum rental times is 24 hours. The next 59 minutes are free. If the Renter returns the car after this time, he shall pay the fee for the following day.

  • Fuel

Cost of the fuel used during the rental shall be covered by the Renter. The fuel tank is full when the car is handed-over ond should be full when Renters is giving car back, otherwise Renter have to pay 6 PLN for every liter missing.

  • Traveling abroad

If the Renter will give permission to travel abroad Renter shall be obligated to purchase traveling abroad insurance and assistance at his own expense. Whatever Renter is not allowed to travel to: Albania, Belarus, bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldava, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia,Turkey and Ukraine. The cost of any car damage or breakdown abroad will be fully covered by the Renter.

  • Breakdown, car accident and disability

In the events of car accident, breakdown or disability, the Renter shall be obliged to immediately notify the Owner about such event. The Renter is not allowed to make any repairs or towing of the car without the censent ot the Owner. The Renter shall cover all costs connected with such activies.

  • Car accidents and theft

In the event of car accident or theft, the Renter shall be obliged to immediately notify the Owner, and in the event of theft, to notify the Police as well. Moreover, the Renter shall be obliged to immediately return the car keys and documents to the Owner and submit an incident report, driving licence and ID to the insurance company selected by the Owner.Failure to perform the aforementioned obligations shall make the Renter fully iabel for the entire value of the car or the damage.If the damages is not done through the falut of the Renter (it, however, does not apply to damages in the parking area and to car thefts), the Renter should submit a police report identiflying the person who caused the event, in order to avoid liability of the Renter.

  • Damages

Subject to Item 9, financial liability (areed penalty) of the Renter for damages of the value exceeding 1500 PLN or for car theft amounts to 1500 PLN. Moreover, the Renter shall be fully liable for damages in the events of:
a) damage less or aqual 1500 PLN – agreed penalty aqual of damage value
b) conscious acting or serious negligence,
c) damages of the interior, tyres, rims, mirrirs, wipers
d) losing or theft of car keys – agreed penalty of 700 PLN
e) losing or theft of car documents – agreed penalty of 700 PLN
f) osing, theft or damages of each weel cups – agreed penalty 50 PLN
g) impaired driving (alcohol, drugs or other substances) or driving without a valid driving licence
h) not returning the car ID or keys after car theft
i) running away from the site of the car accident
j) driving the car into the countries mentioned in Item7,
k) refusal to pay the insurance through thr fault of the Renter.

  • Smoking tabacco and carrying animals

Smoking in the car is prohibited. In case of breaking ban Renter will pay agreed penalty of 500 PLN. Carrying animals in the car is prohibited. In case of breaking ban Renter will pay agreed penalty of 300 PLN.

  • Final provisions

Provisions of the Civil Code shall apply in matters not specifically determined herein.